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Augustus Vase — Cyrc Design

Augustus Vase — Cyrc Design

Copper Augustus
Design Guy Snover
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Recycled plastic
Impression 3D

H: 11.75”
Opening: W: 7.5”
Base: D: 3”

A unique and eye-catching vase, empty or with flowers. The Augustus vase is part of a collection of vases inspired by Dutch tulip vases. Its name refers to the most famous tulip in history, the Semper Augustus. The central opening of the vase can be used to make traditional arrangements, but the smaller peripheral openings give you the opportunity to create a truly creative and stunning masterpiece. Available in a sophisticated matte black recycled PLA. 

About Cyrc Design
Almost every object in modern life has a dark trail of destruction behind it. Where it came from and how it was made – there are a lot of details we are prevented from knowing. And then, when we are done with the object, there is an unknown future. Where does it go when it is discarded? Recycled? Burned? Landfilled? Often we do not know, and cannot know.

Cyrc is an answer to this problem: providing objects along with knowledge of how they are made and a plan for taking them apart. With Cyrc, we hope to create products that allow you to be a consumer living according to your principles.

There is no excuse not to use recycled materials and promote change in manufacturing and consumption

We've extracted a lot of oil to make plastic that is both extremely durable and capable of being used again and again. It is inexcusable to bury it. The plastic that we do not recycle ends up in our environment and in our food chain, where it wreaks havoc.

Recycled PLA
Our rPLA, supplied by Reflow, is recycled from post-industrial food packaging waste from the Benelux region.

PLA is a bio-derived material made from starch from fermented plants like corn, cassava and sugar cane. Although its source is technically renewable, the industrial agriculture from which it comes has a heavy carbon footprint. That's why we use recycled PLA. It is also described, somewhat misleadingly, as biodegradable. Although it can be decomposed at the end of its life, it does not decompose naturally and quickly without the help of industrial composting. PLA is more environmentally friendly than traditional plastics, but its fate as waste, and the damage it can cause, is the same as any other plastic. PLA is a valuable material that must be kept in a circular loop for as long as possible.

Recycled PETG
Our rPETG, supplied by Reflow, is recycled from post-industrial medical tray waste from Flevoland, the Netherlands.

We know PET all too well. It is what most plastic bottles and synthetic clothing are made from. As a popular plastic for single-use products, its ubiquity as waste on the planet is now widely considered a catastrophe. It is derived from petroleum and, approved by the FDA for over 30 years, is widely considered non-toxic. It is one of the most durable and easily recyclable polymers. We look forward to keeping this miracle material in a circular loop and studying its life cycle over multiple production runs.

Secondary materials
We always design with ease of recycling in mind. Using a single material in a piece of furniture is ideal, but this is not always the case. From table tops to textiles, we use materials from the most sustainable sources we can find.

We're as tired as you are of vague sustainability claims. We promise to be transparent about all materials and components used in each product. We explicitly reveal their provenance and how we will subsequently treat them.

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