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Black Edition Kitchen knives

Black Edition Kitchen knives

Stainless steel, Matrix powder coated
Design Elliot Cao
New York, USA

Hast Edition series knives are made from tailored Matrix Powder Steel in a minimalistic design. Combining innovative engineering and classic design elements, they are created to bring efficiency, creativity, and style to every kitchen.

Thoughtful, Functional Design: Clean & fine lines that effortlessly form a simple yet significant shape.
Harmonious proportions: the handle is almost an organic extension to the blade. Each blade is engineered to a perfect balance to assure fluent and agile operation.
Seamless body: By removing the legacy bolster, we created a crevice-free body, leaving no corners for stains and grime.
Extended handle: The handle is slightly longer than most knives, providing extra support.
Ergonomic shape: The fine polished handle leaves no hardline, fitting into your hand perfectly.

Hast knives are outstandingly sharp, durable, and surprisingly easy to care for, thanks to superior Matrix powder steel, advanced engineering, and precision manufacturing.

The name Hast came from Swedish, meaning speedy/fast. The name reflects our function-focused, minimalist design approach, and the chef’s mindset: focused, creative, and present.

The design is clean and intuitive. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary elements so each knife’s form elevates its function. Hast knives are super light, agile, and perfectly balanced as a result.

Also available in GOLD or GLOSSY finish


110.00 $