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Tide Collection Vases

Tide Collection Vases

Design Anna Badur

Anna Badur studied at the renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven. She has received multiple awards and prizes, and her work has been exhibited at several museums and international design events. Her work testifies to a deep engagement with the sea, nature and the strong influences of the weather. Today the designer lives and works in Berlin, and she cooperates with craftsmen, architects, shops, restaurateurs and companies worldwide.

Badur combines creative independent work with commissioned projects, always at the intersection of industrial and one-of-a-kind production. Her designs are characterized by a fine sense of the essential as well as the highest demands on functionality and practicability. She celebrates the hand of the maker and the beauty of the unique while simultaneously crafting processes that ensure effective repetitive creation. This is how Anna Badur realizes inspiring objects – from initial concept to prototype construction and ultimately series production.

ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECES: Shape may vary

Small H: 5.5”
Medium H: 9.75”
Large H: 11.5”

129.00 $