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6 mouthblown glasses each with a small colored dot.

Soleil Glasses Collection

Mouthblown glass
Design Studio Ichendorf

Ichendorf company history began back in the early years of the twentieth century in a small town near Cologne, named Quadrath-Ichendorf. There, many master-glaziers used a mix of substances, among which was silica, to give shape to objects able to meet the refined taste of that period. A stylistic code defined by precious ornaments, which had the undiscussed leading role of the collections proposed up until the fifties of the past century, when a very important change is established: to favor clean shape and purity of material.

Old forms and adornments were abolished, in an endless search for new, popular and no longer exclusive appearances. That leads us to the creation of modern designed objects. In 1990 Ichendorf style center is established in Milan, creative point of convergence of artists and designers.


Set of 6 glasses for:

66.00 $