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Recycled glass carafes

Recycled glass carafes

Recycled glass bottles
Design Margaux Delhomme

Recycling, Upcycling, surcycling… whatever the term, Culo aims to do good for the planet!

With strong values, we are committed to environmental, social and solidarity issues. Already, by the nature of our structure and then, by our actions with causes and associations which make boom boom in our hearts!

Culo's mood:
Act in favor of Mother Nature!

And it starts with the heart of our activity, recovering waste to give it a new, even nicer life!

Making “glass” waste even greener is our philosophy! Glass is one of the best recycled wastes. But we can still do better, since recycling can be energy intensive... Culo's objective: reuse 100% of each glass bottle.

H: 9”

Note: The tones of the glass used may vary.

57.00 $