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Lyon, France
Squares Series
Monotype on JS art paper
Studio Stamp

PALM was launched in 2017 by creative duo, Anaïs Plasse and Laurent Masoero. Anaïs hails from the theatre world (as set builder) and is passionate about printmaking; Laurent is a graphic designer, composer and writer.

Their collaboration began with the creation of a series of posters mixing typography and poetry. They then produced works with messages of a more conceptual nature (SuperSuper series).

In 2019, Laurent opened up various avenues where text and typography remained present. 2020 proved a turning point in his work, where he explored typographic abstraction (Abstract Antics and Abstract Giants). This shift naturally led him to lyrical abstraction.

A taste for ink and light
In 2021, Laurent discovered a new way of using ink. As a result, he launched his Square series and over the summer printed a number of monochrome prints where he created mental landscapes (Mentalscapes), a series that initiates his pivot towards abstract minimalism. He then continued the series of monochromes with the Lines and Stains series, where minimalism becomes more radical and tends towards Japanese art. Thanks to an original technique, Laurent obtains striking renderings: sfumato in the style of 16th century painters (a painting technique in which outlines fade off) and variations in granularity that are reminiscent of photographic grain. His collection expands with polychrome pieces (Flower Patterns) which he considers a return to impressionism, a form of conversation with the ancients.

Art works are framed. Framed size = 23” X 29”

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