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Laurentian Rooster

Laurentian Rooster

Pewter, wood
Design Bernard Chaudron
Québec, Canada

For over 20 years Antoine Chaudron ensured the take over of the family business with the same passion for craftsmanship as his father. The workshop is located in the charming village of Val-David in the Laurentians, North of Montréal.

Pewter is crafted from an alloy containing 92% pewter, antimony and copper. There is no lead in any pieces making them non-toxic and won't tarnish. Each piece is cold-crafted using ancient traditional production called either stamping, spinning, hammering and molding. Each piece is thereafter polished, hammered or engraved using natural components or textures. Pewter being a soft and sensitive metal it renders perfectly all the beauty of the artist's craftsmanship.

H: 7”

47.00 $