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Scented Kyuka candles

Scented Kyuka candles

Matte Parian porcelain, natural soy wax, wooden wick, 3 natural fragrances
Design Inka Pyda

In Japanese, Kyuka can be translated as vacation life ...a long deserved relaxation.

In containers strongly inspired by nature and traditional Japanese art with a contemporary touch, these handmade candles, once consumed, will become magnificent jewelry boxes or decorative objects. Ethical and sustainable.

Candles that will beautifully illuminate your Zen relaxation area and allow you to enjoy a daily relaxing ritual and find beauty in the moment.

Winner ”Must Have 2022“ by Łódź Design Festiwal The 'Must Have' plebiscite has been organized by Łódź Design Festival since 2011 to honor the best innovations by Polish designers and manufactures. It is a free-of-charge quality mark that can be used by Polish companies in Poland and abroad. It was established to raise awareness of quality Polish design and to promote the best businesses and designers at the top of the Polish design field. 'Must Have' is a unique consumer endorsement and the most popular media event in the Polish creative sector.

Container: 160g
Burning time: ± 30 hours
H: 5”  L: 3”

Ki: Sea air (green algae, cyclamen, water lily)
Eclipse: Citrus (lime, bergamot, mandarin)
Serenity: Garden (rhubarb, pear, peach)


85.00 $