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Analogue Click Clock

Analogue Click Clock

LED - Rechargeable battery

Wood veneer — Bluish white display
Design Natalie Sun

Inspired from the nature of simplicity and the look of a traditional analogue clock face, the Analogue Click Clock has a ultra-stylish and contemporary look. The cutting edge and aesthetical design makes it stand out from any traditional or digital analogue clock crowd and it certainly catches people's attention no matter where you put it, in your sitting room, office or lounge.

The analogue Click Clock can be placed on the table/shelf, or it can also be wall mounted. It meets people's desire for adding an unusual and aesthetically pleasing objet d'art in their home, as well as telling the time in a very inspiring way.

Plus, the second dot moves every second on the circle face and looks like it's magically dancing on this beautiful piece of esign, which makes it even more inspiring and appealing.

• Double as an alarm clock
9.75” X 9.75”

195.00 $