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Marble Incense Burners

Marble Incense Burners

Marble Nero Marquina (Black Marble)
Design Studio ACT Essentials

Elevate daily self care rituals with this marble stick incense holder that shows even the smallest of objects can make a big impact. A versatile gift for design lovers and meditation enthusiasts, this product is easy to clean and designed to contain incense ash within a unique ash-catching well.

Founded in Los Angeles, A.C.T. Essential is an everyday-luxury lifestyle brand, committed to creating essential home goods that elevate any environment. They believe in accessible, quality, collected design and because they couldn't find a brand that spoke to them, they started designing their own. Their design studio is focused on taking regular items and turning them into understated, daily objects that become Essentials for everyday life. Essentials that celebrate form. Essentials that celebrate function. Essentials that endure and Essentials that make an impact.

Marble is a product of nature and no two pieces are alike, variations in color, veining and pattern are common.
Each incense holder is honed by hand, fine lines may appear (in darker shades) and natural fractures are common and not defects in your stone.
This incense holder has been designed for stick variety incense, in particular, Japanese stick incense with uniform thickness. We cannot guarantee all incense sticks will fit.
Leaving incense to burn until its end may cause a dark mark on the marble, darker shades will show less. Never leave incense holders burning while unattended.

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