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Why Knot Bench

Why Knot Bench

Walnut veneer
Design Kino Guérin
Quebec (Canada)

“I have always found it rewarding to make things with my own hands, especially wood, and that's why my college studies necessarily led me to cabinetmaking. As soon as I left college, I founded my business. I have been working wood with my own hands for twenty-five years now. Elyse my wife joined the adventure and it's not too much to be two to see everything! We are based in Melbourne in the Eastern Townships. My furniture is now sold around the world.

We live in the heart of nature and as the material used could not be more natural, I can say that I “work in nature” ... Living and working in such a living environment gives me happiness and serenity. We all look like the trees around us. They grow, adapt to their environment and produce ramifications. Some branches grow well, others die. They lose their colors in winter and are reborn in spring. Like human beings, their imperfections make them unique and create their personality.

I like working with a living material, transforming it, giving it shape and becoming a work of art. "

Bench: W: 52 ” D: 24 ” H: 25”

Seat: W: 12” H: 18 ”

6,000.00 $